Do You Want to Draw a Treasure Map: Art from Fandom Fest


“Do you want to draw a treasure map?” 

At Chambersburg’s Fandom Fest, this question invited people to show their vision of a treasure and the map required to reach it. In a crowd of countless fandoms, people showed their personal connections to the idea of pursuit and individual journeys. 

Traditional maps showcased the artists’ unique takes on the hero’s journal. Through King’s castles, ancient forests, sandy beaches, and garden paths, these heroes ventured into imagined lands representing the gut-wrenching emotions of hope, obligation, and bravery. These artists envisioned worlds beyond reality, infusing the imaginary into their drawings, completed with markers, crayons, and pens. 

Other artists interpreted these elements of journey into more familiar settings. Streets with houses, planetary travel, and neighborhood walks set the stage for these maps, where the protagonist might venture to the library, a black hole, or a neighborhood park on their quest. As they drew, these artists often spoke about their personal connections to these places, seeing treasure in their daily lives. 

Abstract artists ventured into worlds uncertain. Some people drew their vision of treasure: a pop culture or video game reference, a favorite food, or a mythical creature. Led by a personal fascination with a specific fandom or inspired by other booths at the festival, some artists spoke with intense excitement about their work. Others tucked their papers into the crooks of their arms, hiding the page as they drew. 

In each of their pieces, the artists at Fandom Fest created new treasures. Speckled with adventure, introspection, and transformation, the drawings showcase the imaginative identity of all the artists and their treasures.