Pledge of Allegiance


I pledge allegiance to a flag.
That does not care about me.
It stands for loyalty, land of the free.
But what is that?
I have yet to see.

The united,
More like divided.
By the invisible lines they created,
They illustrated,
That we aren’t worth their time.

Black, asian, native, or other
We are treated like shit because of our color
Never accepted, always rejected.
White people hate,
We retaliate
And we get shot
Left to rot.

One nation filled with lies
White supremacy is what it hides
Wage, healthcare, housing, and schooling
Who do you think is ruling?
2 days spent on civil rights.
None on the native american fight
Middle east taught through terror,
Asians told they are supposed to be smart
Is that any fairer?

Liberty and justice for all
Yea right let me make some calls.
Hey Christian Hall what happened to you
“It’s a sad story, but I’ll tell it true.
I was in a crisis, called them for care,
I complied, put my hand in the air,
But they answered with gunshots
Leaving me worse for wear.

Adam Toledo has a story to tell
This one ends just as well.
“I was walking with a friend
Goofing around. I didn’t know it was the end.
The officer yells when he gets out of the car,
I’m scared to death, I start to run fast and far.
He’s faster than me and I stop running,
I have a gun you see.
I throw it down, turn around,
And the next thing I know, there are bullets in me.
He didn’t think, didn’t even blink,
I’m just 13, not enough time to even let out a scream.

George Floyd we all saw this.
It’s hard to even reminisce.
I’ll let him tell it, as I’m unfit.
“I used a fake $20, to get some cigarettes,
It wasn’t a big deal, really no sweat.
But the cops came round, threw me to the ground,
People started to crowd around.
I can’t breath I say repeatedly,
The cops show no humanity.
Knee on my neck, it’s getting hard to breathe,
Lord help me survive this, please.
People are yelling trying to help,
But the cops keep them back, they film everything,
I try to get out a yelp.
Light is starting to fade, I am so weak,
This is how it ends, road to cheek.
I wish my kids knew,
that daddy loved them, through and through.”

I pledge allegiance to the country
That wasn’t built for me
That runs its blood with white supremacy
One nation built by slaves
Fueled by hatred,
With dependency and oppression for the few.